The present book “A Civil Engineer Looks At The Great Pyramid”, inspires and illustrates the full analytical study of the geometric planning and design of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, which resulted in the accomplishment of the monumental work of Cheops’ Pyramid, marvel of the World in the past, in the present and in the future.

In this study the author took into consideration both the external as well as the internal configuration of this Monument, which is considered evidence of the greatness of the Mathematicians and the Civil Engineers of the old Egyptian epoch.

This comprehensive work describes, with luxury of geometric details, the analytical method, which defines the dimensional characteristics that possesses the Great Pyramid, both in its exterior aspect as well as in its interior geometric details.

It is amazing the fact that by means of this analytical geometric method you can corroborate with great exactitude all dimensions and particularities of the prominent engineering structure, which induces the intellect to think over the Egyptian Marvel.

The Cheops’ Square Pyramid consists of about 2,300,000 limestone blocks of an average weight of 2 ˝ tons and reaching a maximum of 15 tons. This data, in part, induce this geometrical engineering study of the Great Pyramid. The design and construction of this monumental structure lead the author to dedicate his intellectual and engineering knowledge to the presentation of his magnificent and excellent work.

Only one facet of man’s evolving culture has exhibited virtually un-interrupted progress: the ability to convert, to his use materials at hand in the environment so that his reach was extended, his strength multiplied, and his work time shortened.  This ability to create and use his intellect is man’s technology. Congratulations to the Egyptian Mathematicians and Engineers!

 I recommend this interesting and invaluable reference book to all scientists, mathematicians and engineers interested in the Egyptian pyramids.


                                                  Eng. Eduardo Ramirez, Ph. D

                                                  Professional Engineer

                                                  Mayaguez, P. R.