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Read in this website material from my two English books and also from my Spanish book, which is not a translation, about the Egyptian pyramids. Read about my exciting results and findings about the geometric design of the Egyptian pyramids. My recently published book: "A CIVIL ENGINEER LOOKS AT THE GREAT PYRAMID", and its "SUPPLEMENT", contain the complete geometric solutions for the Great Pyramid. It includes the designs of the King's Chamber and its five ceilings, the Queen's Chamber, the subterranean chamber, and all corridors. Also includes the Antechamber room, with its  "boss" and its "stone message decoded by the author", the ventilation shafts, and the Grand Gallery with its famous Great Step. This completely new material, is the result of my 40 years personal crusade into the pyramids and will no be found in any other books.

Using the same geometric system, I designed and presented in the books the Pyramid of Chephren, Micerinus, the Red, and also the Bent Pyramid. I found and identified the two pyramid's models, which when superimposed, create the Bent Pyramid's structure with its two descending passages creating its "bent shape". This proves that the "bent" in the pyramid's structure is part of the design, and not due to a failure in the structure, or a faulty design a suggested by the scholars.  My geometric design method can be applied to all Egyptian pyramids, temples, buildings, statues, paintings, as an architectural template.

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